This is This is Designgraphik


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In 1999, as we prepared to enter the second decade of life online, I wanted to have a place to explore and test the boundaries of online digital art, and so I created the identity of “Designgraphik.”

Whether on the web at my own site and others like Submethod and Vir2l, in print, or on various hard media, the goal was always the exploration and testing of boundaries, under presentation circumstances that I controlled, in environments that were my own proprietary creations.

The work was nominated for and won numerous multimedia and online design awards, until I shut the doors in 2010.

Now, as we enter the fourth decade of life online, everything is cropped, compressed, formatted, influenced, ranked, rated, disgraced, embraced, hacked up and backed up, until it is ultimately forgotten in a dark corner of a data center.

And so I am re-launching Designgraphik, under presentation circumstances that I control, in an environment that is my own proprietary creation.