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The Rebirth of Designgraphik: Navigating Digital Art in an Algorithmic World

As the digital world teetered on the brink of the 21st century, I felt an intrinsic need to explore its frontiers through art. Born out of this curiosity was "Designgraphik," an identity, and a space that went beyond conventional media landscapes. In collaboration with pioneering platforms like Submethod and Vir2l, and across print and digital mediums, Designgraphik became a sanctuary for experimentation—each piece, each pixel, under my autonomous curatorial vision.

Whether on the web at my own site and others like Submethod and Vir2l, in print, or on various hard media, the goal was always the exploration and testing of boundaries, under presentation circumstances that I controlled, in environments that were my own proprietary creations.

Accolades for this distinct approach to multimedia art were not long in coming, solidifying the project's influence in the digital art community. However, the initial journey concluded in 2010, and Designgraphik lay mostly dormant for a decade.

Now, in an era where the digital is dissected and dictated by algorithms—every image cropped, every view quantified—I find it pressing to reclaim that original space. We now dwell in a digital environment that is in perpetual danger of losing its essence to the dark recesses of forgotten data. Designgraphik is being reborn to counteract that erosion. As ever, it remains a domain defined by my creative prerogatives—a continuum in a fractured digital realm.